February 24, 2022

Davis County Citizens – Friends,

With humility, excitement, and a great enduring desire to serve this community, I am announcing my candidacy to fulfill a second term as your elected Sheriff.

Four years ago, when the citizens of Davis County entrusted me with the responsibility of being their Sheriff, I was committed to serving with integrity, and that desire has not diminished in the least degree. I had a desire to develop and maintain strong working relationships with other elements of county government, the many public service organizations, and with all the great police departments and fire departments who also serve this County. Building on a foundation of trust, we have forged some strong relationships that allow us to work effectively together to ensure our communities remain safe and the quality of life we enjoy is protected.

I have also been committed to raising the professionalism of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office by leading, mentoring, and empowering the amazing men and women who daily walk into the fray to protect all we hold dear. I am very proud of all that the members of the Sheriff’s Office have accomplished in the last four years even in the face of a pandemic, civil unrest, and many other emergencies.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office is your Sheriff’s Office. I am simply a citizen of this great community who has been given the responsibility and honor to lead this organization in your behalf. In seeking re-election to this office, I am once again committing to you, the citizens of Davis County, I will do all within my power to protect your constitutional rights, to safeguard your lives and property and to uphold the trust you have placed in me.

As has been the case throughout the past four years, my core commitment as Sheriff is integrity, safe communities, accountability and the public trust.

I hope to earn your support during the election process and throughout my tenure as Sheriff.

Thank you sincerely,


Kelly V. Sparks