About Kelly

Kelly Sparks

Sheriff of Davis County - Elected in 2018 and assumed office in January 2019

Serving the citizens of Davis County, upholding the public trust, defending constitutional rights, and protecting the quality of life for everyone in Davis County.

I have had the great honor of serving as Sheriff of Davis County for the past three years. During my tenure as Sheriff, I have overseen many improvements in Sheriff’s Office operations. I have developed effective relationships with all other departments of county government. The Sheriff’s Office has become a trusted partner with state law enforcement agencies, and city police and fire departments in Davis County.

I have been an advocate for public safety, justice, and human services, working tirelessly to improve collaboration and deliver services to some of our most vulnerable citizens. I have been appointed and currently serve on the following boards and councils:

  • Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council
  • State of Utah Private Investigator Hearing and Licensure Board
  • Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) Governance Board
  • Utah Association of Counties (UAC) Board of Directors
  • Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy Advisory Committee
  • Weber State University Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Advisory Board
  • Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council
  • State of Utah Private Investigator Hearing and Licensure Board
  • Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) Governance Board
  • Utah Association of Counties (UAC) Board of Directors
  • Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy Advisory Committee
  • Weber State University Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Advisory Board

Deputy Director of Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) – 10 Years

Upholding the public trust by overseeing investigations of officer misconduct and overseeing basic training of all peace officers in Utah.

Prior to being elected Davis County Sheriff, I served for ten years as the Deputy Director of Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

POST is the organization that has legislative responsibility for training and certifying all peace officers in the State of Utah. POST is also charged with maintaining the high ethics of the law enforcement profession and conducts investigations related to peace officer misconduct. I was responsible for all day-to-day operations at POST and oversaw both training and investigations.

Peace Officer Standards and Training Seal

As POST’s Deputy Director, I gained a broad view of law enforcement and a much deeper understanding of many critical issues facing law enforcement administrators. I was directly involved with all investigations at POST and worked with police chiefs and sheriffs from around the state to help resolve some of the most serious issues facing their agencies.

I had the opportunity to instruct many new cadets at the POST academy and at satellite academies around the state. Primarily I teach subjects such as leadership, ethics, conflict resolution/de-escalation, community relations and career development. I am passionate about what I teach and always try to instill high ethics and a service-oriented mindset in new officers entering the law enforcement and correctional professions.

While at POST I was directly involved in curriculum development for the police academy. I was also responsible for developing POST policy and procedure, writing and reviewing administrative law, and assisting in the research and development of several model policies used throughout the state.

Davis County Deputy Sheriff/Paramedic – 23 Years

Serving many years as a Deputy Sheriff and Paramedic. Served in all divisions and at all ranks, eventually serving four years as Chief Deputy.

Starting as a deputy in the jail, I worked up through all ranks. I worked in and/or supervised every division at the Sheriff’s Office. Four of my 23 years were served as the Chief Deputy, second in command at the Sheriff’s Office. As Chief Deputy, I had overall responsibility for all law enforcement operations, correctional operations, and business and planning of the Sheriff’s Office. Throughout my career at the Sheriff’s Office, I tirelessly served in a number of specialized assignments and participated on several community boards. Listed below are some of the duties I performed.

  • Correctional and Law Enforcement Officer
  • Paramedic
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor
  • EMT Instructor and Course Coordinator
  • SWAT Operator, Team Leader and Commander
  • Ambulance Services Supervisor
  • Founding member of DCSO Paramedic Tactical Rescue Unit
  • Field Training Officer
  • Hostage Negotiator and Co-Team Leader
  • Deputy Director of Davis County Emergency Services
  • Bomb Squad Supervisor
  • Search and Rescue Liaison and Supervisor
  • Public Information Officer
  • Member of original development team for Davis County Drug Courts
  • Member of original development team for the Serious Habitual Youth Offender Comprehensive Action Program
  • Executive Board Member of United Way of Davis County
  • Member of the Davis County Safe Kids Coalition


Master's Degree, Criminal Justice

Weber State University, graduated at top of class and named outstanding student.

I am an advocate of education and life-long learning. I understand the value of quality education and have seen the power education has to change someone’s life. I believe education can broaden a person’s understanding, teach them to be more thoughtful, and enable them to make better informed decisions.

I always encourage new officers to embrace this life-long learning mindset and to continue their education while also pursuing their career. I want to have the best trained, most educated peace officers we can have patrolling the streets of our communities.

I have held myself to this same ideal and during the course of my career have continued working toward my education. It was not always easy, working full time, raising a family and taking classes whenever my schedule allowed, but I stayed focused on the goal, and it has paid off. I obtained an associate degree in Mobile Emergency Care and Rescue (Paramedic), a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Graduate, FBI National Academy

Successfully completed the nation’s premier training program designed for executives at the highest levels of law enforcement.

I attended FBI National Academy session 207 which started on September 24, 2001, less than two weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It was a formative time to be near our nation’s capital, to see firsthand the damage done to the Pentagon and to be witness to the response of the FBI along with other state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. This was one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, training experiences of my career.

Description of the FBI National Academy from the FBI Website:

“The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement managers nominated by their agency heads because of demonstrated leadership qualities. Participation is by invitation only, through a nomination process. Participants are drawn from every U.S. state and territory and from international partner nations.

The 10-week program—which provides coursework in intelligence theory, terrorism and terrorist mindsets, management science, law, behavioral science, law enforcement communication, and forensic science—serves to improve the administration of justice in police departments and agencies at home and abroad and to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation worldwide.

Officers take undergraduate and/or graduate courses at the FBI campus in Quantico, Virginia. Officers participate in a wide range of leadership and specialized training, where they share ideas, techniques, and experiences with each other, creating lifelong partnerships that transcend state and national borders.”

Life-long Resident of Davis County/Layton City Married with five grown children and four grandchildren

I am a descendant of some of Davis County’s original settlers. I was raised in East Layton in an area homesteaded by my great-great grandfather. I have lived in Davis County my entire life, with the exception of two years when I served an LDS mission in Birmingham, England. My wife Lori was raised in the Bountiful area. Lori and I have been married for 30 years. We raised our family in Layton and our roots go deep in Davis County.

I am extremely proud of my family. I am the father of four wonderful boys (all Eagle Scouts) and an amazing daughter. The kids are all grown now; four are married, starting families of their own and providing Lori and me with one of life’s greatest blessings – six grandchildren!

Kelly Sparks with his family

My oldest son completed medical school and is now practicing family medicine at a local clinic. My second son obtained a master’s degree of Marriage and Family Therapy and is now a licensed marriage and family therapist. My daughter graduated from the DATC cosmetology program and is a skilled cosmetologist. My third son studied Digital Forensics and Japanese at Dixie State University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is now pursuing a second degree in computer science at Western Governors University. The youngest is studying biology at Weber State University.

I have been active in my church and the community. I have formed some wonderful relationships and have many friends in this community. I served as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor and taught several CERT classes around Layton City. I also instructed for the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and taught 911 operators in several states about police dispatch protocols. I have been active in the Davis County Republican party, serving several terms as a Precinct Chair and have often been selected as a county delegate.